Weber Genesis E-335 Gas Grill Fire

Weber Genesis Grill Fire: A Cautionary Tale and Cleanup Guide

Welcome back to Timbo’s Food Box! Today, I’ve got an incredible story to share with you all about my Weber Genesis grill that unexpectedly caught fire. I’ll walk you through the fiery ordeal, the assistance I received from my local fire department, and how Weber stepped in to help me get a brand-new grill. Plus, I’ll provide some essential tips on grill maintenance and cleaning to help you avoid a similar situation. Let’s jump right into it!

Scene 1: The Fire

It all started innocently enough. I was preparing my Weber Genesis Grill for my next grilling session by burning off some grease, a routine practice for many grill enthusiasts. I cranked up the heat and let it do its job, but this time, something went terribly wrong. Unbeknownst to me, a dangerous grease buildup had accumulated, which ignited into a blazing fire. In a matter of moments, everything began to melt before my eyes – the knobs, my beloved Weber grill, the light, the electric starter box, and even the grill box itself.

Scene 2: The Firefighter’s Heroic Intervention

As the flames grew fiercer, I was fortunate that a neighbor and off-duty firefighter happened to be nearby and quickly detected the smell of smoke. He rushed to my aid, suggesting we use a water hose to extinguish the flames. However, I decided to rely on my trusty fire extinguisher, which I had on hand. It proved to be a wise choice, though it meant I needed to replace it afterward. (You can find the fire extinguisher I used in the video description below.)

Melted Weber Grill Light
Melted Weber Grill Light

Scene 3: Calling the Fire Department

Despite my best efforts, the sparker kept flickering, preventing me from reaching the propane tank. Fearing a potential explosion, we dialed our local fire department for professional assistance. Fortunately, they arrived promptly, safely removed the propane tank, and put an end to the clicking. While we lucked out and didn’t receive a ticket, the firefighters did impart a stern warning regarding the dangers of having a grill on a second-story deck. I couldn’t be more grateful for their swift response and guidance.

Scene 4: Re-evaluating the Grill Location

Following the incident, I realized the need to reconsider my grill setup. As much as I loved the convenience of grilling on my deck, safety should always be the top priority. I’ve decided to either place my new grill on the grass or invest in building a patio. Though it might involve some effort, it’s a small price to pay for the joy I get from grilling.

Melted Weber Grill
Melted Weber Grill

Scene 5: Reaching Out to Weber

Once the fire was extinguished and things had calmed down, I contacted Weber to inquire about their warranty. They requested my purchase receipt and high-quality images of the damaged grill, which I promptly provided. (You can view these pictures in the video.)

Scene 6: Weber’s Response

Two weeks later, Weber got back to me with two options. They offered to send me replacement parts with some associated costs, along with the task of assembling the grill myself. Alternatively, they extended a generous $500 discount on a brand-new grill. Without much hesitation, I opted for the latter and ordered the latest model of my previous grill.

Scene 7: Waiting for My New Grill

Now, I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new Weber grill. I can hardly contain my excitement to share the unboxing and assembly process with you all. I’ve heard that putting it together can be a bit challenging, but we’ll tackle it together in my next video.

Melted Weber Grill
Melted Weber Grill

Grill Maintenance and Cleaning Tips:

As my ordeal taught me, grill maintenance is crucial for preventing accidents like the one I experienced. Here’s how I typically clean my Weber Genesis grill, and how you can keep yours in tip-top shape:

  • Regular Cleaning Routine: How often should you clean your grill? Ideally, you should give it a good cleaning after every use. However, if you grill frequently, a deep clean every few weeks is essential to remove built-up grease and food residue.
  • Scrape the Grates: Start by scraping the grates while the grill is still warm. Use a scraper or wire brush to remove any food remnants and carbon buildup.
  • Empty the Grease Tray: Make sure to empty the grease tray regularly to prevent grease fires. Dispose of the collected grease safely.
  • Wash the Grates: Remove the grates and soak them in a mixture of warm water and a grill-specific degreaser. Scrub them thoroughly to remove any stubborn grime.
  • Clean the Interior: Wipe down the interior of the grill with a degreaser-soaked cloth or paper towels. Pay close attention to the burner tubes, heat deflectors, and any other components where grease may accumulate.
  • Check the Drip Pan: Don’t forget to clean the drip pan and replace the disposable drip tray liner if your grill has one.
  • Inspect and Lubricate Moving Parts: Check for any damaged or rusted parts, and lubricate hinges and moving components to ensure smooth operation.
  • Reassemble and Cover: Once everything is clean, reassemble the grates and any removable parts. Cover your grill to protect it from the elements.
Burnt Weber Genesis E-335 Gas Grill
Burnt Weber Genesis E-335 Gas Grill


That wraps up my adventure with the unexpected Weber Genesis grill fire, the helpful response from my local fire department, and the excellent support from Weber. Remember, safety always comes first when grilling, so be sure to take precautions and follow a regular cleaning routine to avoid such mishaps.

If you want to follow along with my grill unboxing and assembly, stay tuned for my next video. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more exciting content. And if you’re interested in any of the products or tools I mentioned, be sure to check out the affiliate links in the video description.

Happy grilling, everyone, and stay safe out there!

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